Nokrek IT Institute

Programming For Children

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Course fee is only 6000 for 1st 20 students,  Regular Fee 12000TK


Lead Mentor, Babul D’ Nokrek

Co-Mentor: Subir X’ Nokrek

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to ICT World
  • Proper Use of Technological Products and awareness of Technology
  • Inspiring story of Successful Children within 9 Years in Tech World
  • Children Story of Magical Game Developers
  • What is necessary to Interesting Game Development?
  • What is Python and what is for?
  • HTML
  • How to make a website with HTML
  • CSS • How make a Website dynamic with CSS
  • JavaScript
  • How to make Game
  • Python
  • How to make game and do proper Programming
  • Game Development
  • How to Present the Website and Games to different Platforms
  • Certification