Nokrek IT Institute

Android Apps Development With Freelancing

1.Android studio installation and tools overview
2.Creating your frist app
3.UI design basic
4.Implementing LinearLayout and android widgets
5.Single page app UI design
6.UI design propertys and style
7.Split Layout in equal parts
8.Nested layouts inside a splitted view
9.Scrollview (single page static app)
10.Android lifecycle
11.Data type and variable declaration
12.Click event in Android
13.Android visibility control and toast 14.New activity
15.Web to android app convert
16.Embed video player and access variable from another activity
17.Relative Layout
18.Custom drawable resource file
19.Best way to change app name and icon
20.How to change app identity
21.Actionbar style
22.Load image from web
23.How to earn from app
24.Implementing mobile ads
25.Creating admob account and start earning
26.How to publishe app on google play store