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About Us

Nokrek IT Institute is focused on Creating skilled Freelancers and Ultimate IT Entrepreneurs. NITI is led by very skilled young talent professionals. Nokrek It Institute has been successfully serving the world’s peoples through different skill development training services. Its main goal is to create skilled designers and developers and the reduction of unemployment problem in the country. Our Vision is to make you focused, skilled and dependent.

NITI has been providing international IT Freelancing skill development training worldwide. It has 10 Branches in Bangladesh. The branches are located in Dhaka, Mymensinsh, Fulbaria, Gazipur, Madhupur, Khagrachari, Bandarban, Rangamati. Besides Campus courses, Nokrek IT Institute has been operating online services and serving in 30 countries around the world.

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Our Learners


We have reached a community of 15000+ learners. 15000+ students have successfully completed freelancing training at Nokrek IT. Working with different countries of the world. Many are doing remote jobs in American multinational companies. During the course or after completing the course, you are constantly getting job opportunities in various reputed organizations.

We Serve Around


We have reached a community of 20000+ learners around 30 countries. Our course modules are well designed for smart career building. Trainees are connected with 30+ countries through online platform and offline activities are running at Mymensingh, Dhaka and Gazipur campuses. We gain satisfaction by moving forward.

We Have Expert Mentors


We have 50+ Expert mentors, who's teaches their learners like newborn baby from 350+ batches of 20000+ learners. Expert mentors teach from scratch. Many people have succeeded by following the guidelines of mentors and proper branding. Therefore, the success rate of our learners in the local and global marketplace is very high. Let the skills be the tools for today's youth to move forward.

Launched Batches


We have already a completed 350+ batches of 20000+ learners. Nokrek IT has successfully completed 320+ batches during its long journey. By creating numerous success stories, Nokrek IT Institute has dreamed of building a smart Bangladesh and has achieved multifaceted success through breakthroughs.

Learners Success


Our have 90% learners success from 350+ batches of 20000+ learners. Behind this progress of Nokrek IT is the hope and dream of many people. Which has been implemented by many successful faces under the experienced guidance of skilled mentors. Many of the successful people have established themselves at a unique height even from the village level. Many people associated with Nokrek IT today have made themselves successful by being associated with many reputed organizations in the country and abroad.

Ours Success


Our have 90% learners success from 350+ batches of 20000+ learners. Nokrek IT IDLC and Prothom Alo SME Award for Technological Development was awarded on 5th December 2022 from 2223 Bangladeshi organizations for the best IT sector. Thousands of youth are working with skills through Nokrek IT. Many are doing world class work even from the village level.

Successful Freelancer


We have 15000+ Successful freelancer from 350+ batches of 20000+ learners. In Prothom Alo and the country's top media, Nokrek IT learners have set a shining example with success. 15000+ successful freelancers are trained from this country's best IT company.

Our Support System

24 / 7

We have 50+ supportive mentors, who's supports our learners from 350+ batches of 20000+ learners. Numerous skilled mentors are constantly working to provide maximum support to learners. Many people from any part of the country have been able to fulfill their dreams through this support system. Nokrek IT Institute is moving forward with the determination to support the learners in any problem even after the course.

Achievements Of Nokrek IT at Different Newspapers

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Founding History of Nokrek It Institute

Subir Nokrek, who has been wandering in the village and forest since his childhood, is still trapped in the magic of the village. The village is in the forest area of Madhupur upazila of Tangail. Subir's work medium is the internet. Internet speed is very slow in this village called Gayra in the forest. Sometimes you have to hang a modem on a tree branch or take a laptop modem to a high hill to get an internet connection. Obstacles step by step. Still, Subir and the young people of his surrounding villages do not stop.

Got a good job offer from a company in Japan right after graduation. Worked there for a year. But after the terrorist attack on the Holy Artisan Bakery in Dhaka in 2016, the project work of the Japanese institution was suspended. Subir became unemployed. Go back to his village. Tell parents that they will cultivate their own land. He wants to be self-sufficient with the surrounding farmers. But Subir's parents told him and sent him back to Dhaka. The parents wanted their son to go to Dhaka to prepare for the BCS exam. But Subir got admitted to an IT training workshop. At first, he decided to complete a 200-hour graphic design course. Subir Nokrek's work revolves around IT outsourcing. As a successful freelancer, he is working for numerous customers from the Madhupur forest area. He became successful by learning the work of freelancing himself. Subir started to explain freelancing to the young students, teachers, and professionals of his village. From his own experience, he started giving ideas about how to earn money. Then he went to the surrounding villages and gave free seminars and short training.
He is now teaching various freelancing jobs to the youth of the backward minority groups by visiting the surrounding villages.

Subir said, 'Then I felt that something needs to be done for our 45 minor ethnic groups who are neglected.', Pangkho, Rakhine, Khasi, Hajong, Bom, and Mro.

Not alone, thinking about everyone. Established Nokrek IT Institute. Slow internet in Gaira village. It is difficult to run your own work and training from here. So Subir started his Nokrek IT Institute branches at Kanchijhuli in Mymensingh, Fulbaria in Gazipur, Nandina in Jamalpur, and Bashundhara in Dhaka. So far 5000 youths have received training from that institution. Among them, the number of Garo youth is 1000. He himself is a Garo. In this way, Subir has made himself and around 20 other ethnic minority people useful and skilled in the IT sector through training. Apart from this, trainees from all over the country take Nokrek IT classes online. Expatriate Bangladeshis from 25 countries are taking online training.

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